By Delaney Januzzi

On the verge of an international peace treaty, a dark secret festers in the cracks of Avalia's court...

The Crown Princess Delmareve wakes up dreading each day more than the last. Her arranged marriage to the smarmy Gestlian ambassador is the last thing she could care for, but she can't get the crown without a husband. Meanwhile, the entire country stirs in anticipation, hoping that this marriage will end the bad blood between Avalia and Gestlyn. The few remaining days to  the wedding has both countries watching their every step, it would only take one wring move to send the countries into another unforgiving war.

Beyond the walls of the palace, a deadly and untamable disease is breaking out across the towns. With no cure in sight, the only hope seems to be in the capitol. A young townie named Revan sets off with a strict agenda to find the cure and save his town. With the help of a young countess, the two search for answers, but their journey proves much more complicated when the only cure is held far out of anyone's reach... far enough that only royal authority could get them the answers they need.

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