Confessions of a Starving Comic Artist

Oh hey there!

My name is Ed Kang creator of #BrandCulture and Squisheee & the Tummy People here on Tabulit. I thought I would introduce myself since Tabulit creators will be hearing from me now and then.

Most of us creators are "starving" comic artists. That doesn't mean we're actually going without food. It does mean we're not living off our comic work directly. For most of us, our comics are works of passion while we do other things. It's in our blood. We love to draw pictures and tell stories. Most of us hunger to make a money off comics too.

The Creative Economy

In order for a comic artists, or any artists really, to make this profession sustainable, we have to get creative. This means finding unique ways to gain exposure and generate income. For some, it might selling access to their comics like a premium title. For others it might be crowdfunding like Kickstarter or Patreon. For creators like me, we freelance for brands. Whatever it is, the internet offers a lot of opportunity, while at the same time, a lot of competitive noise. Cutting through the noise with something different is the reason Tabulit is here.

At Tabulit, we're really working together to build a creative economy for comic artists. This is where we need to stick together and be strategic about what we all do. It's not just about working harder, but working smarter as well.

Here's my Confession

At the risk of talking from both sides of my mouth, I don't think I would ever really want to turn my comics work into a full time job. When something passionate and fun becomes a "job" then it loses the magic. That's just me. I think I get bored way too easily. But, if you asked me to take a job where I was helping other comic artists become successful, then yes! I love seeing other creatives succeed, especially in this area because I know how hard it is.

So, even though we don't want to actually starve, we do want to stay hungry in making a creative economy viable for comic artists. Let's work together. Through Tabulit, our success is linked and we're kind of like one big quirky digital family. I look forward to sharing more and reading some great comics!