The Courage of Indie Comic Creators

Hey folks! Ed here.

Over the past week I have been working with Alex, cofounder of Tabulit, as he has been searching the interwebs like a madman on crack cocaine to discover new talent and boldly go where no other indie comic publisher has dared to go. And as I have been reviewing submissions, something struck me.

Indie comic creators are courageous

There are tons of people out there that have always wanted to write a book. So they write a few chapters and then give up. Mainly because they think nobody will care about reading their writing. That's just writing, which takes courage to put out there. I respect authors that actually put books into print.

Again, that's just writing.

Comics combine words AND pictures

Not only do most indie comic creators write and draw, they have to do all the other technical things for production. And for comic creators that work in teams, there has to be even more courage for collaboration. None of this is easy.

Every panel you put your heart and soul out there. You become vulnerable and risk the immediate judgment of others. But that just makes you even more passionate about your craft. And you keep going. Issue after issue. You let your body of work speak for you.

Not that I am saying comic creators are better than writers, painter or musicians. This is just kudos to all comic book creators. Being one myself I know what it takes. You are my people and we all need to be acknowledged. Since the first cave paintings, you are part of one of the oldest industries in the world. My respect for our entire industry has increased tenfold this week. I have thoroughly enjoyed readying everything. If I could give you all a million dollars to create comics full time I would.

Let's work together to share your works with the world!