How Tabulit is Different

Hey True Believers! Ed Kang "COO" of Tabulit here (we use titles pretty loosely because everybody does pretty much everything anyway). I spent some time this week really thinking about what makes Tabulit different than other webcomic publishers and platforms. Here is what we came up with.

I will let the graphic explain itself. But at the core of Tabulit is one fundamental belief:

We believe in a creative economy where webcomic creators can make a living doing just that - creating comics!

While we are totally for all the other models out there, most comic creators have their hands full enough just keeping up with their titles. Having to run a website, sell ads, merchandise or manage a crowdfunding campaign requires tremendous amounts of energy. Not to mention you have to be a marketing expert to break through the noise out there. Most creators would love to focus completely on making more comics and improving those comics.

Should webcomic creators get paid when everything is expected to be free online?

We think so. But yeah OK, we get it. People are used to content being free (or at least free at first). But the reality is, especially when it comes to creative content, you get what you pay for. Which is the reason publishers can charge what they do in print or online. But there needs to be a solution, between the two, where indie comics creators can get exposure and make at least a basic living. It's happened in other creative industries. Webcomics should be next!

This is the reason Tabulit is positioned in the market the way it is. We're trying to do something different that represents the best of all opportunities available to creators right now. Do we have it all figured out? Not yet. But not a day goes by our CEO Alex and I aren't wracking our brains on it. And if you have noticed how many times are subscription model has changed, to the point where we give 100% of all revenue to our creators, we hope you see how serious we are.

If you are a creator...

Please invite other creators to publish on Tabulit. The more content we have, the closer we all get to a tipping point of success. A rising tide raises all ships, so don't be a submarine, or something like that. We need creators to work together and support one another. Here we can definitely say our current Tabulit Creator Community is starting to become awesome!

If you are a subscriber...

Please encourage others to subscribe. This isn't about supporting one creator or title in particular. This is about doing something for the entire indie comics industry. If you love the comics art and medium in general, you understand.

Thanks for listening. We invite feedback and discussion.