Interview with James Carroll Co-Creator of Pusherman

Pusherman is by John Rawson and James Carroll - Check out the preview issue here >

Please state your name for the record.

My name is James Carroll.

Where do you call home?

I’m from St. Louis, MO but just recently moved to Dayton, OH in April.

So, what exactly do you do in the crazy world of comics?

I write the comic Pusherman for DimThroat Comics and the digital platform Tabulit Comics.

What do you enjoy most about comics?

I really like stories based on true events and things that are actually plausible. I’ve never been too into superhero comics so I’ve always leaned towards old crime and neo noir books. The medium is very welcoming and you meet a lot of different people with differing opinions so it’s always interesting.

Do anything else to pay the bills?

I’m an Executive Chef. I’ve been cooking for about 6 years now.

Any other claims to fame?

I wouldn’t say they’ve made me famous in any way but I used to book a lot of hardcore and punk shows back in St. Louis with my best friend, editor, and writer of the upcoming comic Xeno Guardian Red Visor Go! Drew Maxey.

What's the number one reason people should check out your work?

I think it spotlights a different time period and it’s a new take on crime comics. I don’t see too many that aren’t based on Old Hollywood or a current time line so I think that definitely sets it apart.

What's is the single greatest accomplishment you have achieved in your life?

It would definitely be having kids with my wife, Erica. We have two daughters Olive, age 3, and Layla age 9 months. Watching them grow and figure things out is pure entertainment hahaha.

Your favorite toy growing up?

I’d have to say a cross between my Batman: the Animated Series action figures or the ones I had from American Gladiators.

Tell us a little about your creative process.

My creative process is kinda weird. I got the idea for Pusherman at the end of December and it just ate away at me until I started writing a script and I just never stopped until I finished the entire thing. 5 weeks later, I had a book that was written, lettered, drawn, and edited.

If we had your family hostage, and you had to give us ONE piece of advice about creating comics that will haunt us forever with enduring value, what would it be?

Don’t do it!

Do you have any deep dark skeletons in your closet you want to confess now before achieving astronomical levels of fame here on Tabulit and future scandal?

Hahahaha, yeah I think I have one. One time, I took my work shoes and left them by the front door. Well, they had food on the bottom of them and began to attract a few ants. My youngest daughter crawled over to them and started eating them while I was across the room. I ran over and ended up having to fish bugs out of her mouth. Not one of my, or her, finest moments.

You sure / anything else?

Check out DimThroat Comics and everything they’re doing, Xeno Guardian Red Visor Go is coming out soon and if you’re into 90’s nostalgia and manga you’ll love it, and thanks to Tabulit for the interview, and believing in Pusherman as much as they do.

How can your new adoring fans follow you on social media?

My personal accounts are:

  • Twitter: @1stshotlastcall
  • Instagram: @firstshotlastcall

And the accounts are @pushermancomic for both twitter and Instagram.