Furr 2: Creator Spotlight: Ophelia Chiu


Ophelia and Tabulit go way back. Like Isabelle, Jade, and Brynne, Ophelia was one of the OG Tabulit crew. She’s seen it through its successes, its failures. All the ups and all the downs. She’s been patient with us through all the slip ups, the mistakes we made, and I am eternally grateful for the amazing work she does for us.

And so far, she’s been in all two of the Tabulit books we’ve made. Now, she’s back for the third.

Here is Ophelia Chiu in conversation with us about dogs, her dog, and the dog comic she drew.

First of all, cats or dogs? (or both?) Any particular reasons why?

Dogs 100%. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a family that has always had dogs, or maybe it’s because they’re just the most fluffiest, unconditional loving, joy emanating creatures on the entire planet. I do like cats, but only when they’re not ready to murder you or break all your furniture for the rest of your life. I need a four legged best friend who is down to spaz out with me—anywhere and anytime.

What’s the inspiration behind your work in Furr 2?

That little shit is my dog back at home, named Aika. She is a long haired Chihuahua, and she has the vengeance of a cat. She is everything in the answer above, but with a bit of chemical X accidentally smashed in there. She is fully house trained and knows not to go off her puppy pad. However, if you piss her off in any way, she’s going to find ways to piss you off. And I love and miss her very much.

What quirks or peculiarities does your pet have that you won’t find in other cats/ dogs?

Aside from the occasional stink eye, Aika is a little derp and a tiny ball of fun. I know a lot of people have their differences about her breed, but I would say she exerts 20% of one (the part where you piss her off). Otherwise, I can confidently compare her character to that of a Great Dane.

Which animal describes you better, a dog or a cat?

As much as I call myself a dog person, I am definitely the polar opposite. I like to nap all day and stare out the window plotting world domination. If you could either be a cat or a dog for a day, which would you choose, and what would you do? I would have to say cat for this one as well. But like, a stray cat. The ones that have complete freedom, but can hop door to door to get fed and pet when they’re hungry and needy. I would also love to be able to scale walls and houses like some ninja. Plus, they have nine lives!

Which would you vote for president? A dog or a cat? And why?

I think it’s pretty clear either of them would do a better job right now. In my case that is.

Let’s say Furr 3 happens (crossing fingers). Other than dogs and cats, what other kind of stories about animals do you think we should try to include?

Hmmm. What if ANY animal could be your pet? Imagine that chaos.

Thanks Ophelia! Want to have her comic in print? Go to our Kickstarter now by clicking the image below!