Cochlea & Eustachia (Mature)

By Hans Rickheit

Who are Cochlea & Eustachia?

They appear to be twin girls in tiny masks and scant garb. They seem motivated by no other impulse save boredom and willful destruction. Why do they never stray too far apart from each other? Maybe their close physical similarity is their bond. However, they would gladly kill the each other over a cupcake. 

The author denies any rationale for this comic. However, he will entertain all suggested explanations for its contents. Apologies are offered in advance for those with fragile sensibilities. Art can hurt you, motherfucker! Lucidity is a sore dog to swallow.

Hans Rickheit has been drawing and publishing comics for over thirty years. He won the Xeric Grant in 2001 for his first widely distributed graphic novel, Chloe. His other works, The Squirrel Machine, Folly and the 1st volume of Cochlea & Eustachia have been published by Fantagraphics books.


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