Free or Premium? How You Make Money

Here at Tabulit, we decided to go all premium subscription with free previews. We would rather have fewer paying subscribers than masses that want to read comics for free. There are a lot of free options out there. We are really making Tabulit all about supporting our hard working creators by building a creative economy.

How Tabulit Creators Get Paid

You will notice that 100% of all our subscriber revenue goes to creators. First, all subscription revenue for creators each month is put into a big pot. We then calculate how many times each issue of any given title is read. Each issue is also given a rating based upon subscriber engagement to reward creators that have a lot more content each issue. We use Google Analytics and a financial model to crunch all the data. This is all calculated and divided into the total revenue which tells us how much each creator should get. 

This system is designed to be the fair while incentivizing creators to publish more and stay current with production schedules. Obviously, the more content you have, that is read by subscribers, the more you will be paid each month.

Should You Post on Other Free Sites?

You are absolutely welcome to. We simply suggest using strategies to drive readers to your work on Tabulit to make some money. You can do this by publishing advance or exclusive content here on Tabulit, while letting visitors to your free work know they can get more value, even read ahead, if they become subscribers.

Let us know if you have any questions.