Requirements for Regular Titles

First, if you have a one-off comic issue and want to be published, we can place you in our free section as part of an anthology. In this case,  you will not be featured as a regular title.

To be featured as a regular title on Tabulit, there are some minimum requirements.

Synopsis Pitch and Interview

When you submit your work, we will be requesting a synopsis of your title. This may or may not include feedback from us. Our opinions only matter for our own editorial standards and should never be taken personally. We will then ask questions to get to know you better. If you are unwilling to participate in an interview, we reserve the right to politely refuse the submission.

IMPORTANT: Tabulit will never sign a non-disclosure agreement before reviewing a submission. If you require one, we respectfully decline proceeding any further.

4 Issues in the Can

We will need to see enough content for at least four issues. Each issue has to be substantial enough for a user to enjoy and receive value for their subscription. Obviously if it is a free title your issue can be shorter. And again, if it is a one-off then we will place you in a free anthology series.

To qualify for premium subscriber revenue share, you must have one free preview issue and then one subscriber-only issue published.

Title Description

You will have to provide us with a succinct and edited description for your title. This can also include some of your bio. We reserve the right to edit everything as needed.

Meet Editorial Standards

We are not a platform where any creator can upload any title. Our editorial staff curates everything. This is a quality over quantity of titles approach. In order to cut through the competitive noise online we focus on alternative and indie titles (the reason we avoid superheroes). Tabulit reserves the right to release a creator, without cause, should a title fall short of editorial standards.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Schedule

You will be asked to provide a regular weekly or bi-weekly date to update your title. If you cannot meet a regular schedule then we reserve the right to archive your title until you can. If your publishing schedule is erratic, we may offer to make your title free to manage subscriber expectations (they are much more forgiving when a title is free).

Help with Marketing is Appreciated

While not a requirement, we do hope all our creators will help us build a creative economy for the whole community. A rising tide raises all ships. This means you are willing to promote your work, along with Tabulit, on social media and participate in our collective marketing efforts.