Farewell to the Stars

By Holly McGillis

Taking place in a magic world, where the sky is a visual representation of the human collective
unconscious. Where the day is the bright consciousness of your waking self, and the night is the
dark thoughts we harbour deep in the recesses of our minds. The stars are the pins of light in
that darkness, representing our dreams and wishes. Brimming with pure magic, the stars keep
the darkness at bay. But when dreams start to fade, so too does the magic held within them.
Since people hold the stars within themselves, their magic in us fades as well.

In a long awaited journey, three kids set off on an adventure to reclaim the fading magic, and
bring back the stars. The trio learn of a forgotten culture, a race of people who cared for the
stars. Time has eaten away at the great civilizations that they once held: cities brimming with
magic, now ruins along abandoned roads. As they meet with others along their journey, they
share their own dreams: to be a pilot, to find a place to belong, and to achieve justice for their
family’s name. As the trio’s quest pushes on, they realise that they can do more, for themselves
and for the world.

This is a story about growing up, about discovering who you are, and finding your place in the
world. It’s about accepting the failures and goodbyes that are a part of life. Most importantly, this
is a story about learning how to let go - whether it’s a dream you once held dear, or a loved one
who you’ve lost. You may have to say goodbye to them, but you never have to forget them.