In order to add value to our subscribers, we are now 100% subscription based (no more free titles except free previews).

Why did we do this?

Yes, we understand that you can read lots of free indie comics over the web and even some of the titles on Tabulit. But we decided to make the choice to be 100% for our creators and do everything we can to build a creative economy for them. Our creators work extremely hard on their titles. If we can make them some money we're OK taking the risk of the internet (that is used to FREE) getting mad. By making everything subscription-based, we believe a rising tide will raise all ships.

We encourage you to consider becoming a subscriber. We have plans where 100% go to the creators. We have also given discount codes to our creators so you can connect with them and show your support.

Thanks for understanding. And THANK YOU to our current subscribers. Your support has been so encouraging!