New Webcomics for the Week of 12.18.17

Hello from Tabulit! The holidays are here and the end of the year is fast approaching. We hope everybody is going to be safe and have a wonderful time no matter how you celebrate. Here are your new published webcomics for the next week.

New Webcomic: Swamp Donkeys

You might have seen our review on Swamp Donkeys by Jonesy a while back. Well, guess Jonesy liked what we had to say because now Swamp Donkeys is part of our webcomic family! We are super excited to publish all the back issues in a new webcomic format. This bad boy is going to come out weekly so start reading here >

New Premium Comic from Publisher Rats & Crows!

Just in time for the holidays! You ever seen a reindeer go postal with a chainsaw? Madness and mayhem ensue starting from the North Pole. This reminds us of that comic Lobo back in the day (except with a chainsaw and antlers instead of a hook and cigar). Check out all our other titles from comics publisher Rats and Crows and start reading here >

New Webcomic Issues This Week

Webcomic Publisher Thought of the Week

"The riskiest thing you can do is play it vanilla." - Tabulit CEO Alex quoting an article about the ice cream business. It resonates with us! Enjoy your webcomics and thank you to our wonderful subscribers!