How Subscriptions Work

There are two subscriptions options to support our creators in different ways.

Option A: APpreciation Jar

For monthly subscribers at any level, your subscription fee goes into a community pool. We then divide this among our creators based upon the traffic to their title. The more people read their comic, the bigger piece of this pool they get. For the rest of 2017, 100% of this pool goes to our creators. We are doing this to really promote Tabulit and attract top talent. In addition, all profit from management fees collected on freelance work we broker for our creators also gets placed into this community pool.


Option B: Support The Creator(s) Direct

For $6.99 USD monthly, subscribers can also choose to support the creator(s) directly. 80% of this subscription goes to the creator and the other 20% is used to promote them. We cover all transaction fees too! Not only do you support the creator(s) but you also get access to the rest of Tabulit as well. To subscribe to option B, simply visit a creator page and click the support button.

Tabulit Does Not Take Any Exclusive Rights

Our creators own 100% of their comics and the rights to sell them wherever they want. Other publisher sites will maintain exclusive distribution or maintain "first rights of refusal" preventing creators from making money anywhere else without first getting written permission.