Waterlogged (Anthology)

Cloudscape Comics

This anthology sails through a multitude of stories, from the emotional tempest of a grandfather’s funeral to the outlandish waters of an alien world, from the prow of a savage Viking long ship to the stern of a modern family sailboat. It includes a horror story of monstrous romance, a yarn of tea obsessed pirates, a silent exploration of the sea’s wonders, and many other nautical yarns.

The Cloudscape Comics Society was founded in 2007 by Jeff Ellis to provide a community for independent Vancouver comic creators – a
source of support, feedback, and opportunities for all cartoonists to continuously hone their craft. 2008 – only a year later! – witnessed the publication of Cloudscape’s first book, Robots, Pine Trees & Broken Hearts, a collection of stories from nine local creators. Since then, the society has grown with at least one anthology published every year. Each Cloudscape anthology has a different theme and format, encouraging members to push the boundaries of the comics medium and their own abilities.

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