Webcomic Publisher's Review: Sea Legs

It's Baywatch meets Pirate of the Caribbean with some college humour/drama (depending who you ask) thrown in. Today we're reviewing Sea Legs which is a gem of a comic that just isn't being drawn fast enough for our subscribers and fans. We're hoping this lights a bit of fire under creator Neal D. Anderson.

What's this Webcomic About?

Follow Aubrey, an unambitious university student who suddenly finds herself swept up into a world of pirates, treasure hunters and odd creatures!

One look at the art and you will know what this is all about... you might as well start reading the first issue here >


Why Do You Publish this Webcomic?

As a webcomics publisher, we have to curate our way through a lot of content. There is so much out there. And unfortunately, things can start to look the same. There is simply a unique style to Sea Legs that you don't get anywhere else. Although the story premise is tried and true, the art, colouring, character designs and pacing are all fresh. We can totally see the manga influence while at the same time avoiding some of the tired tropes and cliches. 


We know Sea Legs has a rabid fan base already. Tabulit is pretty fortunate to have the rights to publish this webcomic. Quite frankly, we're pretty sure that if creator Neal D. Anderson gets on a schedule, Sea Legs will be picked up by a "bigger" (not necessarily better) publisher.

In the meantime, we're enjoying the work so far. Hope you do too. As stated earlier, you can start reading Sea Legs here now >

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Publishing webcomics is not easy! Not that we're complaining, but we really want everybody to know about our mission to help webcomic creators make a viable living. Of course there are so many free sources of webcomics out there so we have an uphill battle to change the trend. This is the reason we are so thankful for our current (and future) premium subscribers.

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