Webcomic Preview Review - 0717

A Webcomic by Rachel Song

0717 is about a girl's childhood imaginary friend  that comes to life and helps redefine "growing up." This webcomic is a mix between drama and fantasy with manga-esque style. 

We start our story by meeting the main character Rae. She is sharing her childhood as an aspiring artist.

Clearly Rae is dealing with some personal issues to be seeing a therapist. What is interesting is the therapist's response and actually foreshadows the rest of Rae's life which sets up the more fantastical elements of this interesting webcomic.

The Reason We Publish This Webcomic

The are other interesting aspect of this story is diving into Asian family dynamics. 0717 takes an in-depth look of not just being a young teenage girl with typical coming-of-age concerns, but also a cultural Asian perspective.

Again, if you are into dramatic webcomics with a fantastical spin, take a read. Trust us, things get interesting quickly! We'll leave you with this preview of what's to come.

What do you think? Can you relate to Rae's perspectives on life? A lot of children have "imaginary friends" growing up but this is different. Leave a comment below.