Webcomic Preview Review - Adrift

A Webcomic by Paige McIntosh

Adrift is a webcomic story about a Anne, a girl with wings, trying to discover who she is and where she came from with help from her best friend Holiday. Anne has absolutely no memory of her past, and after living with Holiday and their mother for three years and getting familiar with society, she starts questioning her origins and wants to find answers.


Adrift isn't like other webcomics out there. It's less of a webcomic and more like a cinematic storyboard. The frame size and ratio, along with the pacing of the art and story, makes adrift more like a movie. This is the reason we publish it as a slideshow versus a scrolling webcomic.


How This Webcomic is Different

Obviously, a webcomic about a girl with wings (who likes strawberries) takes us into the realm of fantasy. But there is plenty of drama here that we all can relate to. Again, the style is so unique, you can't help but be drawn in. Not to mention we start chasing pink-tailed deer.


So what do you think about this style and approach to telling this webcomic story? Leave a comment below.