Webcomic Preview Review - Dandelion Flight

A Webcomic by Renee Liang

Dandelion Flight is not your typical journal webcomic from Renee Liang. Other than the odd spots that she ventures out to, she always manages to be quirky in her own unique way. Like this comic about her time in Tianjin, trying out bras with her relatives. 


And she has so many more webcomics where she tells stories like these, like this one about the strange old man in Handan

Or this webcomic about the time she took some special souvenirs from China. 

As well as a webcomic about her adventures in Japan. 

She also has much to say about her adventures across Canada, like this webcomic on sleeping on the train. 

Or this webcomic about her times in Jasper. 

What we love about this webcomic

Looking at this webcomic, what's not to love? Renee has a great art style, and she can really tell a story. Not only that, the fact that these are her personal experiences, make it very intimate. 

So go check out the comic now!