Webcomic Preview Review - Handrava

Handrava is a new webcomic from Rado Rakotondrainitomaho, a webcomic artists hailing from Madagascar. 

The webcomic follows the life of Voanio and her friends in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. Voanio is described by the artists as "a young woman with a strong body and a soft heart". She works very hard: by day at the market, and by night pulling a cart. Afterwards, if she has time left, she cleans her neighborhood's streets with her cousin Papango. This woman is a straight up workaholic. 

Oh, and to give you some morning clues as to what the comic is going to be about, "handrava" means "will destroy" in Malagasy. Now without further ado, here's a the preview below: 

Welcome-To-TanĂ -1.jpg

What we love about this webcomic 

This webcomic captures us with the art, and makes us stay with the lovable characters. Rado is a very skilled storyteller and it really shows in this work. Also, Handrava will quickly develop intrigue because you'll see, something fantastic is going to happen throughout the comic. 

If you like a good longform webcomic, then Handrava is definitely the one that you want to check out because this one has all the good elements of a great webcomic that will thrill and entertain you for quite a long time. 

And if you love the webcomic, please support Rado and his wonderful work!