Webcomic Preview Review - Stickman Zombie

Webcomic by Ross Brownell-Dupont

Webcomic Stickman Zombie, is not your typical zombie flick. First of all, it's got stickmen, as the title indicates. Second, it's a very silent comic. As in there's barely any dialogue except for the few text here and there meant to convey sound effects. 

The webcomic's story starts off like the zombie genre fiction that most people are very familiar with. Everything's seemingly fine. Peace is the word of the day. People are going about their business in the comic, and life is going on. But of course, signs of trouble are sprinkled across the beginning of this comic, and soon you realize that something odd is indeed going on that the protagonists are unaware of, yet (as the conventional zombie genre fiction usually pans out). You'll see below in the preview to the webcomic. 


Why We love this webcomic

In this webcomic, Ross manages to tell a story by doing the classic 'show, don't tell'. He weaves the entire story out of carefully placing his panels as well as the action between them in order to make sure the reader knows what's going on. Having no dialogue is certainly a gamble on his part, since it makes it easier for the reader to get confused. But Ross pulls it off. And the fact that everyone is a stickman, despite how that may look silly to some, actually gives a bit of an eerie feeling to the whole thing. Which, in turn adds to the effect that the lack of text has. 

Overall, this webcomic is definitely one to check out. Even if you're not a fan of the zombie or the horror genre. Ross certainly isn't done with the webcomic's story, and it will definitely get much much more interesting after Book 1. 

How did you find it? Do you like the preview of this webcomic? If you do, make sure to go check out the full comic at Tabulit Comics! 

Check Out the Webcomic, Stickman Zombie!