Webcomic Preview Review - Tea Time with Filis

This is a Webcomic by Filis Ozkurdum

And this is a one of a kind slice of life webcomic. While most slice of life webcomics tend to hover around the same old panel format, Filis likes to shakes things up a bit, and enjoys telling a longer story. Like this story about Filis' experience on running. 

Filis is a Montreal based artist, which means a lot of the 'slice of life' is from Montreal, since Filis really likes to get personal with the stories told in Tea Time With Filis. 

And in this webcomic, Filis also doesn't forget to share the more embarrassing details of life that Filis likes to hide away. Or sort of, but not really, since Filis is showing it all in a webcomic right here. 

TTWF - kpop.jpg

What we like about this webcomic

Like mentioned above, Filis adds a very creative spin to the standard slice of life webcomic genre. But not only that, the unique art style and the often very candid and heartwarming personal stories are what makes this webcomic a joy to read. Plus, Filis is very well traveled, meaning that many of the comics are of different places, like San Francisco and Japan. 

Want to catch more of the webcomic Tea Time With Filis? Read it right here!