Webcomic Preview Review - The Voyageur

A Comic BY Nick Marinkovich & Jeff Sturge

This comic comes from two very reputed creators, artist Nick Marinkovich and writer Jeff Sturge. The Voyageur is a great coming of age story about a young boy Fintan who is thrust into an adventure when he gets involved with an older cousin who seems to be part of something much bigger than Fintan could have ever imagined. Here is the full description from the creators: 

"Fintan O’Neill’s no hero. There’s not too many rich people in 17th Century Ireland, but the likeable, withdrawn 15-year-old is the poorest kid in Ballypoyle, living on a small tenant farm with his hardened, cynical mother, forced to do what she's had to for her and her boy to survive.

The arrival of Fintan’s older cousin Ruari – a soldier with his own troubled past – has turned his world upside down. Appointing himself a stand in father figure, Ruari leads Fintan into a world of vice and violence. Sensing the danger, yet unable to resist the excitement – Fintan lets himself get sucked in.

But Fintan’s got no idea what his cousin’s really mixed up with.  And it's about to throw the shy introvert into a whirlwind adventure into the unknown..."

The duo successfully crowdfunded their comic on Kickstarter back in 2015. And they were subsequently published through Guernica Editions


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Why We Love This comic

First of all, this comic is absolutely amazing in its story and art. The way the plot flows is effortless and natural, which is what is to be expected from a veteran storyteller like Jeff Sturge, who has written for the National Geographic, Discovery Channel, A&E and History. And of course, the fantastic art is thanks to the wonderful Nick Marinkovich, who has prior worked with IDW, Marvel, Image and other amazing comics publishers. 

With all of that talent packed in there, with a great story and characters to follow, The Voyageur is an absolute dynamite of a webcomic! 

Plus, volume 2 of Voyageur was successfully funded on Kickstarter, which means that volume 2 will soon be released on Tabulit! So you don't want to miss this comic guys!