Webcomic Preview Review - Tiny Tales

Webcomic by Britt Scott

This webcomic from artist Britt Scott is about the little things, and it's about finding stories within those little things. Hence, the name of Britt's webcomic is Tiny Tales. 

The stories in this webcomic however, are by no means of tiny proportions. Britt has this incredible way of drawing out a fascinating story out of the small themes she picks. 

For instance, here, two girls are talking about one of them having a crush on a barista. Quickly, it develops into your typical Facebook profile stalking scenario, because what's a more entertaining evening activity than that right? However, this turns out to be not your typical everyday 'girls investigate a guy' story. 

This Webcomic is About The Small Things

Britt's webcomic often goes in the way where she blows out seemingly insignificant themes into big proportions. Tiny obsessions become grand adventures. Small things suddenly become huge problems. In such a way, the webcomic Tiny Tales reminds us that even the tiniest of stuff have big stories to tell. 

Just like this webcomic about a crush on Jeff Goldblum. 

Why We Love This Webcomic

By now, it should be obvious why we love Britt's webcomic, Tiny Tales. It's got cute art, it talks about stuff we can relate to, but takes it completely beyond the normal scope of our thoughts. 

At the end of the day, our lives are our own tiny tales. Something happens everyday, and there certainly is a story to be told in the seemingly mundane parts of our daily lives. Perhaps, this webcomic by Britt shows exactly that. Even the most commonplace things in our personal lives, like a great obsessions with a celebrity, may have a story after all. 

Make sure to go check out the webcomic, Tiny Tales!