Webcomic Preview Review - Wavelength

Webcomic by Emma Galloway 

This webcomic comes from Emma Galloway who hails from the United Kingdom. She also goes by the name of Cosmosbadger

Wavelength is a science fiction webcomic featuring Marie, an aimless explorer who comes across a mysterious stranger drifting in space. Where does she come from? Why is she floating around randomly? 

The comic is a short read. 5 parts in total. But it is as sweet as it is short. Just from the start, the story takes off from our protagonist chilling out in space, where she is about to have a special encounter.  


And also did we mention that there is going to be romance in this comic?  


Why We Love This Webcomic

Emma's art style in this webcomic is very well suited for the mellow tone of the comic, yet it still holds up the sci-fi feeling of the entire thing. Unlike Junior Citizens or Titan, where their art styles creates a rather surreal or eerie atmosphere, Emma's style warms up the entire work, making it very comfortable to read. 

The story is also easy to follow, and the characters are well balanced. The premise is simple, yet endlessly intriguing. It hooks you straight away and doesn't let go until the finish. 

So make sure to go check out the entire comic! Now available from beginning to the end on Tabulit!