Webcomic Preview Review - William the Last

Webcomic by Brian Shearer

William the Last is a fantasy adventure webcomic by the artist, Brian Shearer. It starts off pretty normal with a boy named William, who lives with his grandfather on an island. 

Now, this island is quite strange. It may look like an average, 'middle of the ocean' island, but it is just the tip of the iceberg, because there is so much more to this island than you first see. 

Nevertheless, William leads a simple life with his grandfather. That is until his grandfather dies.

And this is where the webcomic turns very interesting. Taking his grandfather's advice, he starts the climb the island. He keeps on climbing and climbing, until he comes across a strange and mysterious land right on top of the island. As we said earlier, there's a lot more to this place. 


He's surely about to regret climbing so high. 

Why We love this webcomic

William the Last combines quality art, with interesting characters, and an even more fascinating world all together in a webcomic that just sucks you in from the start.

The webcomic may display much of the cliched elements of a fantasy webcomic, such as magic, a mystical tyrant, and a young naive protagonist accompanied by a more shrewd young protagonist, but Brian Shearer, being a veteran storyteller, does not fail to entertain the reader with twists and turns. This webcomic is a one of a kind fantasy adventure ride. 

So make sure to check it out everyone! You will not be disappointed with William the Last.