Webcomic Preview Review - Woods & Bramble

Webcomic by Artist Brynne Johnston 

When Brynne first pitched this webcomic, it was an instant hook. Partly because at the time, the concept of a magic realist comic was absolutely fascinating, and the whole story was like something out of a Ghibli movie. 

Essentially this webcomic is about Woods the Thistle, and Bramble the Rock. They were once thistle and rock, and now they're, well sentient beings in a world that even they don't seem to quite understand, let alone us. Their surroundings are amazingly strange and weird, with everything seemingly, at best described, alive. 

The webcomic begins with this simple yet fantastic premise, and just takes off. There are no explanations, and there aren't even any questions posed by the characters. The reader might have tons of questions. How did a thistle and rock come to being Woods & Bramble? What kind of world are they in? What's their purpose there? Is there anyone else? 

And so the webcomic goes. But instead of satiating our curiosities, it just pulls us in. Check it out.


We Love This Webcomic BEcause 

Well to start Brynne has an amazing art going on in this webcomic. It is warm and comfortable, yet it piques wonder. 

And in the storytelling, Brynne doesn't gimp out on that either in her webcomic. Without telling us everything from the beginning, Brynne still manages to weave out a world of endless fantasy. It is absolutely mesmerizing. 

There's one other thing in the webcomic that we'd really love to mention, and that is how Brynne manages to tell the story through Woods & Bramble's interaction with the world. We almost feel as if we are discovering this place with them. Inexperienced, and unfamiliar at first, but slowly figuring things out as we make mistakes and missteps with them together. 

If you're into webcomics that stimulates your sense of the unknown and the fantastic, Woods & Bramble is the one to definitely watch. 

Check out the webcomic Woods & Bramble!