Webcomics Weekly: Webcomics About Cooking

Webcomics about Cooking

Today we have webcomics about cooking, that pinnacle of 'adulting'. With cooking you can escape the endless cycle of takeouts, eating out, ordering, and microwave dinners. 

But make no mistake. Cooking is a commitment. Once you start cooking you're making a choice. There is a lot of work involved with incorporating cooking into your life. You have to do groceries. You have to prep your ingredients. You have to have the pots and pans and whatever else that you may need. Then you actually have to follow the recipe. You may mess up and end up with a batch of something terrible. There can be all sorts of headaches with cooking. 

It's quite a bit of work. Which is why it's sometimes one of the first things to go out the window when things get busy in our lives. 

And certainly, cooking is not for everyone. For some people, even the easiest sounding recipes just become a quagmire for them. Simple instructions turn into a maze that they get stuck in. 

But in the end. It's sometimes worth it to cook. You may get to have more healthy options for your daily diet. The sheer fact that you get to control what you eat adds so much to being able to watch what you eat and follow a more healthier lifestyle. 

And moreover, you'll save a lot of money. Everyone's down with that right? Takeouts and ordering food, all of that is so much money. 

So maybe try to bring cooking into your life, one small recipe at a time. It may look like a complicated puzzle at first, but just take it slow and simple. You may surprise yourself at how good your food can get.