Monday Motivation Webcomics: Productivity at Home

Webcomic by Ophelia Chiu

Do you have a feeling that you just can't seem to escape being a potato when you're at home despite the fact that you have a million things you need to do? Keep on reaching for Netflix even when you know you've got an assignment that is due in 24 hours? Constantly turning on the PS4 as your unfinished project is begging you for some attention? 

Well, the problem might be where you are. You see, it's very hard to control yourself from all these potential distractions. And while you're at home, you have a million different things you can possibly do OTHER than working. What's more, the truth is that when you have something that you absolutely need to get done, everything else seems a lot more interesting. Know the old quip about how people tend to find cleaning their house suddenly fun while they have something due the next day? Exactly. 

The hack here really is to get the hell out of your place, and go elsewhere where your productivity is on fire. Whether it's the cafe, the library, or the park bench. 

So cheers to getting things done. Hopefully you'll find that special place where you will literally be in flames over the desk. 

Happy Monday! 

Team Tabulit