Webcomics Weekly: Webcomics About Cats

Webcomics about our feline friends

For today's weekly webcomic, we have cats. As you may know, we recently crowdfunded a comic anthology about cats on Furr, on Kickstarter. The digital version of the book has been finished, and we're getting to release the print edition very soon. 

So in celebration of that, here are some webcomics that has to do with our friendly (or at times not so friendly) feline companions. They may not show it, but they do love us (we hope. Otherwise it's safe to say that they probably want to kill us all the time). They're just different. 

Like how they see the world is very different from how we often look at things. 


And as this next webcomic from Jennifer Herd will demonstrate, this often translates to the fact that cats are not exactly looking for your affection all the time. Sure, they will come and cuddle you as they see convenient, but get ready if you ever displease them. They will f*ck you up if you don't comply to their orders. One way or another. 


But no matter what, we love them endlessly. It's like they light the masochist in us. Our love for our cats can be really intense. So much so that we sometimes go a little overboard. 


As today's webcomics show, we have a very special relationship with our cats. We love them, and they hate us. Then they love us back sometimes. Sort of like a real relationship with a human being you know? A really finicky human being with sharp claws who makes us pick up their poop. 

So in closing, here's a webcomic that will give you a sneak peek into our upcoming first comic anthology about cats, Furr. This webcomic is called 'The Wizard Howl Jenkins' by Kristina Luu