Webcomics Weekly: Webcomics About Dating

Webcomics about being single and ready to mingle 

We've taken a look at webcomics about relationships, but now it's time to take a look at the stage that comes before settling in for the long haul (or the semi-long haul in some people's cases). The dating phase. 

You know, it's that time when you're swiping on Tinder, going on dates, and not really decided on whether you like this person or that person. You're kind of confused all around, you know what you want, but then you don't know what you want. 

So today we're talking about dating, with webcomics. 

First, let's just talk about the options. There are so many options. There are tons of dating apps out there and there are so many attractive people out there. This person looks great, but this person looks better. 

Answer is obvious. Start flailing your arms and scream. 

Answer is obvious. Start flailing your arms and scream. 


And even when you do manage to choose, a lot of people get afraid to make a move, because there's always the risk that there's something beneath that person's appearance that is kind of, well you know. Shitty. 

Man that is some next level shitty. 

Man that is some next level shitty. 


However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't cast your net out there. 

Somewhere in the distance, somewhere out there is someone you definitely want to be with, who also reciprocates that. And it's going to be totally beautiful when that happens. 

Would like to say though. Perhaps it's worth it to get off Tinder, or Bumble. Go out into the world and mingle with others. Don't be afraid to give a personal touch to your wooing. You just never know how it's going to turn out. So why not be bold and send out a solid message of love out there?