Webcomics Weekly: Webcomics About Starting Something

Webcomics About Starting New Things

Today, we have webcomics about starting things. It could be anything, like a new project, a bad habit you want to rid of, or a good habit you want to start. 

The thing is, it's very difficult to start something new. First of all, the behaviour of starting means that you're not used to that thing, and we all know how we are around things we aren't used to. We prefer to avoid it, put it away from our sights, or tiptoe around it. 

And a lot of people are actually very good at putting things off, which definitely adds to the hardship of starting a new thing, as Dani's webcomic shows. 

Webcomic by Dani Elizondo

Webcomic by Dani Elizondo

Or it may be that you're excited to get started on the new thing, but then it becomes very hard to actually sustain it. This is the case with many new year's resolutions where you promise yourself that you'll do something. Maybe sleeping earlier, going to the gym more often, or reading an hour a day. 

You get all pumped, ready to improve your life and take control of things. It's January 1st and you're ready to grab the year by its horns. 

By the beginning of February, most people will find that their resolutions have all but been broken. 

And it's also often the case with diets, as Cassandra's comic will show. 

Webcomic by Cassandra Calin 

Webcomic by Cassandra Calin 

Plus, what about people around you doubting you? There will always be people looking down upon the idea of those who dare to venture out to the unknown. 

"You don't have what it takes." 

"You're not good enough." 

"You won't last very long." 

"You'll fail." 

There's never a shortage of discouraging remarks from people who deem that they're the 'voice of reason'. 

Monica certainly knows how that feels. 

Webcomic by Monica Morales

Webcomic by Monica Morales

In the end though, the start is where it all begins. Where change happens and you become serious about doing something for your life that will lead to a new place, and often those new places make us better. Improve us in ways we could've never imagined when we set out.