77 Webcomic Reviews - 1. Skitter

Welcome to our first of 77 webcomic reviews! For better or worse, this is the one that started it all.


What's it about?

Skitter is a comic strip about the absurd misadventures of a group of mischievous bugs… and a girl. There is Jack the spider, Gypsy the moth, Chip the cricket, and Luna the girl.

Who's Responsible?

Skitter is created, written and drawn by John Vogel who is a video game designer.

What's the latest?

As of the time of this review, the latest is about "boobs." Which is pretty funny and shows the comic is willing to go meta about the relationship between creator and creation.


How Does It All Start?

Jack the spider introduces himself by crawling all over a drooling face. (It's funny and creepy at the same time because he is so furry and can't figure out the reason he only has six legs.) Read it here >

How Often Does It Go?

Every Tuesday and Thursday.

What's Good?

The art is excellent and the writing is sharp. We like the fact it mixes in cartoony humour along with adult situations (like sending Luna to "Uncle's Touch" Preschool). By combining bugs with an actual girl, there is a lot of fun ways it can go. Then every once in a while, you get a strip that tackles some pretty risque stuff (we'll let you discover this on your own). We also like the commentary John Vogel adds to each strip. You really can see his commitment to this comic, especially releasing twice a week.

What's Not So Good (in Your Opinion Only Of Course)?

Ummm... the strip below probably says it best. Skitter is pretty random. You will bounce from typical gag-based tropes, to commentary on current events and then references to current pop culture. So it's not like this is a series with any real story from what we can tell. But if you like this sort of thing, it's perfect. And since it comes out twice a week, if a joke doesn't land, you only have to wait a few days for something else (random) to make you laugh.


What Don't We Know We Don't Know?

There's lots of references to different pop culture stuff old and new. If you are in your forties will appreciate it, like Trekkies and Hellraiser fans. So again, the writing is pretty smart but not everybody will get it. But we did and this is what makes Skitter so endearing.

What Do You Really Think?

We're not sure if the creator meant this, but the title "Skitter" is less about bugs that skitter and more about how our minds randomly skitter all over and probably like dark creepy places. Definitely check this out (www.skittercomic.com).

What Should We Read on Tabulit Like This?

So glad you asked! If you want comics about random things with biting satire humour, try Gone Into Rapture.