Webcomic Preview Review - Caity Comics

A Webcomic by Caity Hall

Caity Comics is a slice of life webcomic by Montreal based artist Caity Hall. 


This Webcomic is a great slice of life comic

There are a lot of slice of life webcomics, but then there's Caity's webcomic. Caity draws out these silly moments in her life in a very unique art style of her own, and they are super fun and relatable.  

What We Love About This Webcomic

Caity Comics is a webcomic that is full of personal stories that are at times humorous, downright silly, but also very heartwarming. Caity presents herself as a super down to earth person and it really shows through the comics that she draws. Also, since we're Montreal based, we always love to give support to a fellow Montreal artist! 

If you want to read more Caity Comics, you can check it out at Caity Hall's artist page