Changes to Tabulit Subscriptions

Hello true believers!

Here at Tabulit, we are always trying to create new ways for our creators to make money doing what they love. This means a lot of testing an taking educated risks on what the public wants (and will pay for when they are used to reading webcomics for free). Based upon the past few months of data, it was time to try something new.

Let's explore what this means.

For Readers

Again, Tabulit is now free. You don't need to be a subscriber to access any of the content. Enjoy and feel free to share. The more traffic we get the better for our other efforts.

Readers Can Still Become Subscribers

Our belief is that if we attract the right readers, the kind that appreciate the hard work creators put into their passions to make a living, they will  become subscribers. This starts with a $0.99/MO USD "Appreciation Jar" (kind of like a Tip Jar but for comics). Subscribers can then add to their monthly subscription by adding appreciation levels in dollar incremements. 100% of these funds go into a pool that is divided up as royalties across all creators.

This means that current subscribers are not affected. We thank you for supporting us this far.

Finally, subscribers can support a creator directly for $6.99/MO USD by visiting the creator page. At this level 80% goes to the creators. Subscribers at this level also get a special monthly piece of art. This is us appreciating you back!

How Creators Make Money

It's all about revenue diversification here. There are four revenue streams we are developing for our creators that publish on Tabulit.

Stream A: General Subscriber Pool

100% of the money in the Appreciation Jar will be divided up, just as before, among all the creators based upon traffic to their titles.

Stream B: Direct Supporters

80% of the $6.99/MO on a creator page goes direct to the creator. The rest goes to perks and keeping that subscriber happy.

Stream C: Commission Work

We have been working with to create a pipeline of freelance work for our creators. We've already done a few projects which have gone well. More news on this as it develops.

Stream D: Commission Profit Sharing

We charge our clients project management fees for freelance work. We've decided that the profits from these project management fees will go into the subscriber pool (Stream A). The reason share this is simple. The entire creator community publishing with us is how we sell our capabilities and range of styles to the client. This is a community effort so it is only fair the entire community reap the rewards.

We at Tabulit assure you that none of these decisions are made without hours of thought and debate. In the end, we just want what is best for our creators and subscribers. We hope to be able to share great results from our efforts soon.

Thank you!