Interested in Becoming a Tabulit Creator?

Hello! Do you love comics as much as we do? Our mission is to build a viable and sustainable creative economy for comic creators. Being a comic creator sure isn't easy (we know from personal experience). This is the reason we built Tabulit to be a hybrid digital platform and agency.

There are three types of creators here at Tabulit Studios:

Traditional Creator

This is the comic creator that has published using the traditional medium of print. Now, you want to add digital publishing as a potential channel. We can help with that.

Digital-First Creator

Forget print. You know digital is the way to go. But there is a lot of digital noise and competition out there. The reason to join Tabulit is to stand out and work together to get your comics out there.

Creative Freelancer

A lot of our creators also work as freelance illustrators, concept artists and content marketers. Digital comics are a great way to showcase your work and attract freelance commissions. Tabulit outsources work to you, managing the clients and projects, letting you focus on the creative.

If the above fits you, then here our some submission guidelines:

  • We do not publish superhero comics (superheroes are awesome too just not for us).
  • You have to own the work and prove you have rights to publish with us.
  • Work must be complete. For ongoing serial titles, you must have at least 4 issues and be prepared to commit to a publishing schedule. For one off freebies, one completed issue is fine.
  • We reserve the right not to publish a creator if material does not fit our audience or editorial direction.

If all that sounds good, then let's connect - Contact Us Here >