Adding More Ways for Comic Creators to Make Money

Hello True Believers! We are very excited to add some news that should make all our creators happy. Recently, we posted about how we have partnered with Artisfy to manage client commissions and help our creators get freelance work. Izzy Nguyen has been busy working on concept work for a client app. Great work Izzy!

Profits from Client Projects Will Now Go To Subscriber Pool

What does this mean? Well, Ed Kang, COO of Tabulit, has been charging a project management fee to clients. Ed and CEO Alex decided that all profits from this activity should go to the rest of the comic creators who are valiantly publishing with us.

The reason for this is simple. Without all our creators working together to make Tabulit great, we wouldn't be able to attract client commissions. So it's only fair we share. So not only does the artist working with the client get paid, Artisfy get paid for providing the platform partnership, all creators who publish with us GET PAID. These revenues will be added to the subscriber pool (which creators get 100% of already) and divided based upon metrics for each title. This means all our creators should see a little bump in their royalties coming soon and we hope it just keeps getting bigger.

In an age where people expect to read indie comics online for free, we at Tabulit are committed to building a creative economy any way possible. A big thanks to all our creators for helping us get this far. The best is yet to come!