Webcomic Publisher's Review: Cochlea & Eustachia (NSFW Title)

Welcome to our new series where we take a look at the webcomics Tabulit is publishing. Our intention is to provide some insights into the reasons we love our creators and other commentary to help them advance their work (and maybe eat or pay a bill here and there).

What's this Webcomic About?

Cochlea & Eustachia is by Hans Rickheit and is about two twin girls (human-looking but not really) wearing skimpy clothes and tiny masks. They live in a bizarre world and do bizarre things for no other reason than what appears to be sheer boredom. The names Cochlea and Eustachia seem to reference human ear anatomy but that's about it for deeper meaning we can see.


We have two series of Cochlea & Eustachia available right now. The first is a black and white story (you can start reading it here) and the second is an ongoing story in full color (check it out here).

Why Do You Publish this Webcomic?

We have to admit that when this title first crossed our desks there was an immediate WTF reaction. It made absolutely no sense. But then the title grew on us because, first off, the art is incredible and so is the (nonsensical) storytelling. We can't help but be drawn in.


There is a sheer physicality in the art that any other artist worth their salt will recognize. The pacing is really set to accentuate the physical nature of the story. The design of it all is also off-beat, such as the over-sized feet, yet grounded enough to make the world believable. The textures and hatching is very detailed without being distracting and allows the characters to stand out.

One of the ways we would describe this work is meticulous in detail and sheer audacity.

Then, in both series, there is always some sort of behemoth that makes an epic appearance causing chaos. We'll leave you with this teaser here. If you want to learn more and have a free preview, check out the creator page for Cochlea & Eustachia!


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