Monday Motivation Webcomics: Taking Risks

Webcomic By Filis Ozkurdum 

This webcomic is about decisions, but not just about that. It's about taking big decisions that may have serious consequences for your life. 

Our life is a series of decisions, and some of those decisions are critical moments where our lives could potentially change in big ways. And they almost always involve a risk, which is why these decisions are so important. 

This webcomic by Filis portrays the difficulty in making those big decisions. 

TTWF -decisions-p2.jpg

The thing is, if you're too afraid to make a move, then nothing will change. Yet, many of us want change to happen. We want to better our lives in some way. To do that though, you do have to take the step into the unknown. 

So take that risk. It may scare the crap out of you, but that feeling is also a sign that you're growing.